In the Mandaras Mountains of northern Cameroon lives the Mofu — an ancient tribe that shares its homes and crops with insects in a mutual balance of survival. But this year, a terrible drought has hit the region, and the termites, usually the Mofu’s precious ally, have left the fields and invaded the huts and granaries.


Jaglavak soldiers

To fight back, the Mofu shaman calls for Jaglavak, a ferocious army ant with the body of a dragon. The ant is protected by a thick carapace and armed with terrifying pincers that cut, tear and slice through anything in its path. This program is shot in an intimate style that takes viewers into the traditional mindset of the Mofu shaman and the villagers who depend on him. Then, with high-tech macro shooting techniques, the film goes underground and gives viewers a terrifying close-up look at a termite’s fortress and the war that rages between termites and Jaglavak.