Senate Concurrent Resolution 1022 is a constitutional amendment subject to voter approval. SCR 1022 would allow the legislature to direct the spending of non-custodial federal money. Non-custodial money is made up of federal appropriations like block grants where the state has some discretion in how the money is spent. Right now, the governor, not the legislature, has control of that money. Arizona is one of only five states where the Legislature does not control the non-custodial federal dollars. Pima County Senator Al Melvin (R) sponsors SCR 1022. He is the only sponsor of the proposal.

On March 3, 2010 the full House approved SCR 1022 on a 16-12 vote.

Votes of Pima County Senate Members on SCR 1022

Paula Aboud (D)- No
Jorge Luis Garcia (D)- No
Al Melvin (R) – Yes
Linda Lopez (D)- No

Full Senate Vote on SCR 1022