Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Metro for Monday, Feb. 4:

  • BORDER SECURITY is the top priority for Cochise County residents skeptical of immigration reform efforts. Christopher Conover reports from Douglas.

  • IMMIGRATION REFORM will come down to resolving the Senate’s call for measurable border security before a path to citizenship is implemented vs. President Barack Obama’s call for the path under any type of reform, says an immigration policy expert. Maria Parham interviews Judith Gans.

  • CLOSING A SCHOOL carries emotion, but it also requires a lot of planning. Schumaker Elementary School principal Julie Laird is preparing for the Tucson school's potential closure as part of TUSD’s efforts to cover a budget deficit next school year. Fernanda Echavarri reports.

  • BACKGROUND CHECKS are needed for all gun sales on city property, meaning those at gun shows held at the Tucson Convention Center, two City Council members propose. Maria Parham interviews council members Steve Kozachik and Karin Uhlich.