Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science for Tuesday, Feb. 5:

  • DIGGING INTO THE GENOME is what scientists at Ventana Medical Systems are doing to gain an understanding of how cancer develops. Georgia Davis reports from Oro Valley.

  • UNDERSTANDING GENOMICS is the University of Arizona College of Science's goal in presenting a six-part lecture series now under way. Georgia Davis interviews Science Dean Joaquin Ruiz about it.

  • RAISING CONSCIOUSNESS about consciousness is necessary, along with the study of DNA and genomics, to really understand life, says a Tucson consciousness researcher. Jane Poynter interviews Stuart Hameroff.

  • GARDENING FOR HEALTH is the goal at La Frontera's Thornydale Ranch, where people are discovering healing in tending to flowers and vegetables. Gisela Telis reports.

  • A SOIL BACTERIUM could be one path to healing for behavioral health and substance-abuse patients, says a UA researcher who has found that this terrestrial organism is literally helping people. Gisela Telis interviews Charles Raison.