Play the video above to see these guests and topics on AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, Feb. 8:

Democratic strategist Rodd McLeod, former Pima County Democratic Party chairman Jeff Rogers and former state lawmakers Frank Antenori and Paula Aboud.

  • GUN-CONTROL debate includes whether the city of Tucson should require background checks at gun shows, President Barack Obama's call for a new ban on semi-automatic weapons and extended magazines and what kind of gun laws can be expected from the Arizona Legislature this year.

  • IMMIGRATION REFORM is on everyone's agenda, but what form will it take and can Democrats get what they want while Republicans leverage it for Latino support?

  • EXTENDING MEDICAID coverage to 240,000 more Arizonans is atop Gov. Jan Brewer's agenda this year. Can she use the Affordable Care Act, a law she opposed and fought in court, to her political advantage?