Funding limits for candidates using Clean Elections system money to run their campaigns in Arizona has been adjusted upward for inflation and other factors, the Secretary of State's Office announced Monday.

The new figures will be 6 percent higher and in place for the 2014 election cycle. Candidates for governor will be awarded $754,000 for the primary and $1.13 million for the general election. Secretary of State and Attorney General candidates can spend $195,000 in the primary and $293,000 in the general election.

Candidates for Legislature get $15,000 for their primary races and $23,000 for the general election.

Using Clean Elections system money is voluntary on the part of candidates. To qualify, participating candidates are required to gather $5 qualifying contributions from a specified number of voters, depending on the race, and adhere to spending and contribution limits, the Secretary of State's Office said in a press release.

The new limits take into account recent inflation figures and the percentage increase in state resident income tax returns as required by law.