Senate Bill 1334 prohibits drivers in Arizona from reading or writing text messages while driving. Drivers are allowed to type names to a cell phone in order to dial someone in their contact list. Nearly two dozen states and the District of Columbia already prohibit texting while driving. SB 1334 has six sponsors including three from Pima County: Senator Al Melvin (R), Representative Steve Farley (D), and Representative Matt Heinz (D).

On March 22, 2010 the full Senate passed SB 1334 on a 19-10 vote.

Pima County Senate Delegation Vote:

  • Paula Aboud (D) – Yes
  • Frank Antenori (R) – No
  • Jorge Luis Garcia (D) – No
  • Linda Lopez (D) – Yes
  • Al Melvin (R)- Yes

Full Senate Vote on SB 1334