Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illutrated for Monday, Feb. 18:

STATE OF THE CITY speech from Mayor Jonathan Rothschild will be Tuesday. In this interview with Maria Parham, the Democratic mayor offers a preview 14 months into his four-year term.

MEXICAN AMERICAN STUDIES went away in the Tucson Unified School District last year under a new state law. Now, TUSD officials are trying to figure out how to satisfy the dictates of both that law and a federal judge’s ruling that the district must offer “culturally relevant” classes. Fernanda Echavarri reports.

EDUCATION REFORM in Arizona is being led by installation of the national Common Core Standards curriculum in public schools. The governor’s director of the Office of Education Innovation assesses how that is going. Michael Chihak reports.

ROAD REPAIRS will start within a year in Tucson under the $100 million bond issue that voters approved in November’s election. The increased property taxes, about $36 a year for the averagely assessed $200,000 home, will hit this fall. Andrea Kelly reports.