Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science for Tuesday, Feb. 19:

MENTAL AND PHYSICAL ILLNESS are closely linked, University of Arizona researchers are finding by looking at the stresses of divorce and death of a long-time spouse. Gisela Telis reports.

THE STIGMA OF MENTAL ILLNESS continues in society, and officials of the Southern Arizona chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness are working to overcome it. Jane Poynter interviews Executive Director Clarke Romans and Rebecca Garfunkel, communications and events director.

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE looks at a wide range of effects on health, and the UA's Center for Integrative Medicine is at the leading edge. Jane Poynter interviews Esther Sternberg, the center's director of research, about her recent visit with Pope Benedict XVI and her work on "healing places."

WHEN IS A ROCK NOT A ROCK? When the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum's clever designers fabricate it to help keep the museum's natural look. Tom Kleespie reports.