The Navajo Nation is giving the public more time to comment on legislation that would extend the lease for a coal-fired power plant.

Tribal Council Speaker Johnny Naize has sponsored the measure that significantly would boost annual payments to the tribe from the owners of the Navajo Generating Station.

The public comment period typically lasts five days. Naize says comments will be accepted on this measure until tribal lawmakers take a final vote.

The lease is set to expire in 2019. The proposed agreement is for a 25-year extension. The agreement would increase annual payments to the tribe from $3 million to more than $40 million.

The Salt River Project operates the power plant in Page.

Federal officials also must sign off on the agreement following an environmental review. That review includes consideration of the plant emissions and how they affect air quality in northern Arizona, including the air at the nearby Grand Canyon National Park.

Republicans have argued that requiring the plant to reduce its emissions as the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed would raise electricity rates and water-delivery rates for the Central Arizona Project. The water system that feeds Phoenix, Tucson and agricultural areas gets it power from the Navajo station.