Arizona, one of the top solar states in the nation, is seeing a slowdown in solar installations because of reduced government and tax incentives.

The Arizona Corporation Commission recently announced new measures that remove or reduce some state incentives for solar water systems and other measures that were being used by houses of worship and other organizations to build solar systems.

A statement from the commission says one of its crucial tasks is to "facilitate the growth of Arizona's solar industry, while lowering the costs to Arizona taxpayers" since they were paying some surcharges to support solar energy in some cases.

"Taking the lead and surpassing California in installing the most solar capacity in the nation wouldn't be that hard for a commission that is willing to raid taxpayers' pocketbooks to make it happen," the statement also says.

The solar process for houses of worship and other organizations involved third-party financiers and solar installation companies such as Technicians for Sustainability, where Kevin Koch is a principal.

But without some incentives, he said, he is already seeing a decline in business.

"Our project flow has definitely slowed down," Koch said. " ... We certainly hope that as utility rates rise and as the prices of installed systems continues to go down that we're able to ramp back up again."