Play the video above to see AZ Illustrated Politics for Friday, March 1.

Jim Nintzel hosted former Pima County Democratic Party chairman Jeff Rogers, former state lawmaker Frank Antenori and former Tucson City Councilwoman Carol West, to discuss:

BUDGET SEQUESTRATION, on which they agreed that the blunt instrument of arbitrary cuts to federal spending was a bad way to move toward a balanced budget.

PAY-FOR-PERFORMANCE EDUCATION FUNDING, on which they disagreed over the details of Gov. Jan Brewer’s proposal. Antenori called it a step in the right direction, while West said she was worried that it would create a pay-for-performance model that would hurt students who needed the most help.

OTHER LEGISLATIVE PROPOSALS got mixed reviews, with all agreeing that lawmakers should stop a bill that would further regulate in-vitro fertilization procedures. They were divided on Brewer’s proposed sales-tax reform package.

ONE TUCSON CITY COUNCIL RACE divided the panelists, with Rogers saying he thought Democratic Councilwoman Karin Uhlich would run a stronger race against Republican challenger Ben Buehler-Garcia, who narrowly lost to her last time. Antenori and West said they thought Buehler-Garcia could upset Uhlich.