The Arizona Legislature is considering amending the state’s medical marijuana laws to define how that drug can be labeled.


Senate Bill 1440 would give the Arizona Department of Health Services the power to revoke the registration certificate from a medical marijuana dispensary that doesn’t label its product correctly.

The bill would require dispensaries to label marijuana for medicinal use only. It would specifically ban dispensaries from implying or advertising that it could be used for any other purpose, at the risk of losing their registration certificate.

The bill earned preliminary approval in the state Senate Thursday. It still needs a formal vote from the Senate members, and because this would be an amendment to a voter-approved law the bill needs support from 75 percent of the Senate and House before it could go to the governor.

The bill would also stipulate that medical marijuana dispensaries could only advertise their products using labels that have black text on a white background.

It could be considered for a formal vote in the Senate as soon as Monday.