The Legislature may ask voters to make changes to the signature requirements for citizens trying to get initiatives on a statewide ballot. The proposal would set requirements for where signatures are gathered.


State Sen. Michele Reagan, R-Scottsdale, is sponsoring [SCR1019[(, which would require those who are gathering signatures for citizens initiatives or referendums to get signatures from multiple counties, to ensure they're not all coming from Pima and Maricopa county voters.

According to her proposal, which was updated this week and has preliminary approval from the state Senate, at least 25 percent of the signatures would have to come from the state's lesser-populated counties.

"Roughly, it mirrors the population spread of our state," Reagan said.

Sen. Steve Gallardo, D-Phoenix, said he wanted to change the proposal to make the signature location requirements meet the same standards as signatures for people running for statewide office.

“If those running for governor are only required to have signatures from three counties, those citizens doing referendum should have that same requirement," he said, although his proposal fell short.

The bill still needs a formal vote in the state Senate. If it passes there, and later in the House of Representatives, it will need final approval from Arizona voters in the 2014 election.