Former U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl is starting the next phase of his career at a Washington, D.C., law firm Covington & Burling LLC.

He plans to help the international firm in its expansion to Africa and South America, but will also advise clients who are trying to function within, or learn about U.S. government policy.

“I will be giving advice generally on how to deal with the United States Government," he said.

At Covington and Burling, Kyl said he will use his previous experience to work with clients in areas such as tax reform, health care regulations, immigration reform and national security, among other things.

"I think because of the experience that I have gained during both my law practice as well as the time in Congress I can provide the kind of counsel that will benefit those clients. It was a good match, therefore, between a very good firm, one of the oldest firms in Washington, and one of the biggest, with a very good clientele in need of the kind of counsel which I can provide," he said.

He also plans to keep a number of other positions, including working with former U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman at the American Enterprise Institute.

He's already started working as a contributor to Fox News, weighing in on subjects he knows about on an as-needed basis, he said. He'll be doing public speaking, something many high-ranking officials do in retirement.

But there are aspects of his retirement that will be a little lighter, he said.

"I do intend to get up to my cabin and split all the wood I can find to split," he said, noting his cabin in Greer was spared from the fire that swept through the area in 2011.

That's not all. Even though the jobs are in D.C. he said he plans to return to Arizona regularly and he’s also making time to attend NASCAR races in Phoenix.

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