Pima Community College approved in-state tuition for students granted Deferred Action as part of the President's plan, and it is now working on how to implement that decision.

Deferred Action For Childhood Arrivals is the formal name of the president's plan to allow people temporary work permits if they came to the U.S. as children but are not in the country legally. To qualify, people must meet seven qualifications before they can apply for temporary legal status.

All of the community college presidents got together in the fall to discuss the impact of the President's plan, Even said, and Maricopa Community College was the first to make a decision in the state. Officials there made the same decision as PCC: to grant in-state tuition for those authorized to be in the country legally.

Maricopa Community College decided it would accept the document that proves an immigrant is able to work in the country legally.

Pima Community College is still working to answer some questions, Even said.

"Are there any legal ramifications? How does this fit with things the state has done?" she said.

The college is not yet sure how many people the decision could affect, or how it could potentially change the college's financial situation, she said.

"There are students who are now enrolled and we need to know how many of them are enrolled who are paying out-of-state tuition and then we have no idea what the influx of individuals will be so I think that's kind of up in the air," she said.

For this current semester, Evan said Maricopa Community College had 100 people shift to in-state tuition.

"We'll certainly be tracking that and will have more information after next semester, next fall semester," she said.