Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Metro for Monday, March 11:

BORDER SECURITY is being tied politically to federal immigration reform. A group of Tucson based companies is showing off ways to use technology to help improve the situation along the border. Christopher Conover reports.

IMMIGRANT STUDENTS who are part of the federal deferred deportation proposal are eligible for in-state tuition at Pima Community College and others in the state. Pima officials say they are working to answer some questions about the program. Maria Parham interviews PCC board member Brenda Even.

LEGISLATIVE CONFLICT isn't exactly a thing of the past between Republicans and Democrats in Phoenix. But legislators on goth sides of the aisle and in both chambers say this year's atmosphere is more cordial than any in recent memory. Michael Chihak reports.

PUBLIC EMPLOYEE PENSIONS are driving the city of Tucson's budget into the red. Councilman Paul Cunningham says the city faces a deficit that is "99 percent" a result of an out-of-balance pension fund. Maria Parham interviews Cunningham.