The U.S. Senate Judiciary committee voted 10-8 today to support background checks for all gun purchases.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake voted no, as did all other Republicans on the committee.

In a party-line vote, all 10 Democrats on the committee supported the bill.

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Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wrote the legislation.

In addition to background checks for all purchases, he said it would get more state records into the national instant background check systems

Schumer says this may not be the final version of the bill.

“I’ve been talking and am continuing to talk with colleagues across the aisle about a compromise approach and I remain optimistic that we’ll be able to roll one out.”

Local supporters of the bill rallied at Flake’s office last week, urging him to support the bill.

At the time, Flake’s office issued a statement saying he supports more information in the background check system, but not universal background checks.

Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, of Iowa, said today the bill won’t be effective.

“Mass shootings would continue to occur despite universal background checks, criminals will continue to steal guns and buy them illegally to circumvent the requirement, when that happens we will be back again debating whether gun registration is needed,” Grassley said.