The PanStarrs comet is gracing Arizona skies this week as the first in a series that will be visible in 2013.

Adam Block, manager of the University of Arizona Mount Lemmon SkyCenter, says he hopes people will take a look at PanStarrs.

"I think that if people have an opportunity to look outside to see PanStarrs and they succeed, they'll be really happy in the fall if it lives up to its predictions with this other comet," Block says.

Block says this year's comet apparitions are the first in 16 years, when Hale Bopp comet streaked across the sky.

"So some this year are calling this potentially the year of the comet because this is something to see in the night sky," Block adds.

He says the SkyCenter will also prepare for another comet, ISON, later this year. The center is currently providing photographs and programs about PanStarrs.