Illegal immigration is on the national agenda – with both President Barack Obama and Congress vowing to address reform this year.

In the debate, what is often forgotten is the impact of these policies on families –and that is the focus of the feature-length documentary Two Americans.

A journalist, Valeria Fernandez, has reported on Arizona’s immigrant community and the many angles of the immigration debate for more than 10 years, producing in-depth features for print, radio and television.

Daniel De Vivo believes that films are a powerful resource for popular education and cross-cultural exchange. He studied anthropology at Harvard and developed the skill set of a documentary filmmaker while living in New York City. His ward-winning first film, Crossing Arizona, delved into the roots and consequences of Arizona’s approach to illegal immigration.

Two Americans will be shown at The Loft Cinema starting March 22. Fernandez and De Vivo will be there opening night for a Q & A following the screening.