Spring doesn’t officially start until next Wednesday. But lately it’s felt more like summer.

The heat wave is being caused by a powerful high pressure system that’s settled in over us. J.J. Brost with the National Weather Service office in Tucson says highs should top out at around 93 today, making it the third day in a row we’ve set records. And the weekend?

“On Saturday, another warm day, highs right around 90.” Brost says. “And then Sunday maybe a few degrees cooler, so highs in the mid 80s.”

The sudden onset of warm weather has people putting away coats and turning on air conditioners. After all, it’s quite a change from the chill of just last week. But Brost says the heat wave is actually unusual for this time of year.

“Today if we do get up to about 93 degrees, then that would be the third warmest that we’ve been on record during the period of January first and through, say March 15. And those records go back to 1850.”

So your winter coat may look pretty good tucked into your closet. But don’t forget about it just yet. It’s still March. And J.J. Brost cautions that we could go back the other way – to chilly weather - just as quickly.