Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrarted Science for Tuesday, March 19:

BUG BRAINS are helping a University of Arizona scientist determine how sense of smell can help control the activities of insects. Gisela Telis reports.

MUSHROOMS CAN HELP THE ENVIRONMENT, a UA scientist is finding. Barry Pryor, a professor in the University of Arizona School of Plant Sciences, says mushrooms are also crucial to the environment because they can break down fibrous materials, such as wood waste. Pryor was recently awarded a grant to study mushrooms, and their effectiveness at breaking down both landscape and consumer wastes, to include items like pizza boxes. Jane Poynter interviews Pryor.

PRESERVING SEED CROPS for future generations is the goal of Tucson-based Native Seeds/SEARCH, which has an inventory of thousands of desert vegetation seeds preserved. Jane Poynter interviews Bill McDorman, executive director of Native Seeds/SEARCH.

SLEEPING FROG FARMS is known for its local, organically grown produce. Mitchell Riley brings the story.