Story by Elizabeth Burden

As an art form, the documentary film has entered a participatory age. With easily available equipment, the emergence of web distribution and the advent of crowd-sourced funding, independent filmmakers now have access to tools that can help them to document diversity.

Film festivals are also adapting - and ensuring that we get to experience these films on the big screen instead of a computer screen.

Two festivals - Ambulante and Lesbian Looks - are collaborating with the Hanson Film Institute and Tucson Cine Mexico to bring thought-provoking films to Tucson.

Flena Fortes, executive director of Ambulante, and Beverly Seckinger, director of Lesbian Looks, discuss Morir de Pie, which will be screened as part of the 2013 Tucson Cine Mexico Film Festival.

The Hanson Film Institute is an underwriter of Arizona Public Media.