The Mexican government gave $32,000 to El Rio Health Center Foundation to partly fund a heath outreach program for Mexican nationals in Tucson.

Representatives from the Mexican Consulate in Tucson presented the check to El Rio officials Tuesday.

"Ventanilla de Salud," which translates to "window of health," is a health education and resource initiative that helped 4,200 people in Tucson get connected with the right clinics or services last year, said Lorena Verdugo, a community health adviser.

“We provide health information resources, preventative information for the Mexican nationals who visit the consulate,” she said.

PHOTO: Fernanda Echavarri
Representatives from the Mexican consulate in Tucson present check

Every Tuesday and Thursday, representatives of Ventanilla de Salud visit the Mexican Consulate in Tucson to provide information on preventive care and primary care in Pima County.

“They receive information on the importance of immunizations, as well as the importance of diet and exercise,” said Miguel Cruz, marketing director for El Rio Health Center Foundation.

Ventanilla de Salud, which started in 2006, does not provide on-site medical exams, he said.

The program is offered in Mexican consulates throughout the U.S., and the Mexican government funds half the program in Tucson. El Rio Health Center Foundation covers the rest through donations.

The Mexican government this year added $2,000 to its contribution because of high demand for medial services in Tucson’s Mexican community, Verdugo said.