Fuel prices fell nationwide last week, according to the travel group AAA Arizona.

The average statewide price for regular unleaded gasoline is $3.66 a gallon, down about 2 cents from last week and more than 11 cents from a month ago. Nationally, drivers are paying $3.63, a drop of $0.09 from last week.

AAA's Michelle Donati says oil refineries have been doing annual maintenance the past few months, which led to the price spikes since January. As work wraps up and production increases, prices are dropping. Donati also notes that refineries did their maintenance a little earlier than usual this year.

As summer approaches, Donati says prices will go through normal fluctuations, especially with the eventual switch to different "hot weather" fuel blends. Although Donati says AAA isn't anticipating any huge price spikes for the rest of the year, an unforeseen event such as a gulf hurricane could change that.

Other average fuel prices in Arizona this week:
Tucson: $3.42/gallon
Phoenix: $3.67/gallon
Scottsdale: $3.80/gallon
Flagstaff: $3.78/gallon