Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Nature for Wednesday, April 10:

HUMMINGBIRDS are helping scientists in search of clues about climate change. Producer Gisela Telis has the story of these beautiful, tiny creates.

AND THEY'RE GREAT TO WATCH, says Sheri Williamson, naturalist and co-founder of the Southeastern Arizona Bird Observatory. She tells Georgia Davis about the variety and importance of hummingbirds in our region.

TUCSON BOTANICAL GARDENS update, with executive director Michelle Conklin. The organization is preparing for summer camp for kids, working on the historic iris garden and plans for a children's garden. Tony Paniagua reports.

IT'S A GROW-DOWN SHOWDOWN at the Tucson Botanical Gardens, with landscape architects stepping up to the challenge of creating a garden or outdoor oasis in a limited space. Tony Paniagua reports on two of first of four projects.