Efforts to allow immigrants without legal status to pay lower tuition rates have pulled Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne into the conversation, with a warning about state law.

Horne has warned the Maricopa County Community College District that its recent decision to allow young immigrants participating in the Obama administration's deferred deportation program to pay reduced tuition rates violates state law.

A spokeswoman for Horne says he has not made a decision to legally challenge the district's policy.

In Tucson, the Pima Community College Board of Governors has approved in-state tuition for the undocumented students, and school administrators are working on implementation.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Board of Regents is also looking at lowering tuition rates for these students. Board officials say they want to follow state law while also helping more people obtain advanced degrees.

Under state law, immigrants without legal status, many of whom are known as "dreamers," so named for the proposed federal DREAM Act, do not qualify for public benefits, including in-state tuition rates.