The U.S.-Mexican border region is one of rich culture, history and natural beauty, and all will be on display next week in the second annual Santa Cruz Nature and Heritage Festival.

Festival President Linda Rushton says she hopes participants in the May 2-5 event can experience the birding, cultural tours and ranching prevalent in the region.

Nogales will be the center of activities, says Rushton, a resident of the border city on the U.S. side. she says she is fond of communities on both sides of the border, and she is encouraging more people to become aware of the amenities and attractions.

"We believe that coming down to the borderlands is an opportunity to see diversity, beautiful nature, learn a lot of things," Rushton says. "I moved from Phoenix to Nogales about three and half years ago, love it. I cross on a regular basis, cross the line on a regular basis."