AZ ILLUSTRATED POLITICS for Friday, April 26, features host Jim Nintzel and guests Jonathan Paton, a political consultant and former state legislator; Jeff Rogers, a lawyer and former Pima County Democratic Party chairman; and Lea Marquez-Peterson, president of the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Topics they covered:

IMMIGRATION REFORM: Rogers said the comprehensive proposal wasn't perfect, but the various compromises would produce legislation that all sides could live with. Paton said that the Boston Marathon bombing could slow down the legislation and urged a slow approach. Marquez-Peterson said a lot of details needed to be worked out but she was encouraged by what she had seen so far.

BACKGROUND CHECKS ON GUN SALES: Paton defended Sen. Jeff Flake's vote against the proposal on background checks on firearm sales at gun shows and on the Internet, while Rogers said that Flake had been disingenuous on his position. Rogers said that Gabby Giffords' new organization, Americans for Responsible Solutions, could have an impact if it spent enough money on advertising, but Paton thought that political ads by the group would not have much effect.

2014 GOVERNOR'S RACE: Rogers said that Democrat Fred DuVal, who formally entered the race this week, had a decent shot at winning over independents thanks to his extensive experience in politics; Paton described the developing and crowded Republican field as an "embarrassment of riches."