Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science for Tuesday, April 30:

POLLINATING BEES are responsible for helping propagate 70 of the top 100 food crops in the world and thus are critical to the environment and food supply. Producer Georgia Davis spoke with University of Arizona bee researcher Anna Dornhaus with the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

FOOD SECURITY ROUNDTABLE: The world's food supply relies on many factors, including record keeping and data. The G-8 International Conference on Open Data for Agriculture is under way in Washington, D.C., this week. What does it all mean? AZ Illustrated Science presents a Food Security Roundtable, with Shane Burgess, dean of the UA College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Leona Davis, education and advocacy coordinator for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona; and Eric Lyons, assistant professor in the UA School of Plant Sciences.