The U.S. Census Bureau has notified selected households in the Tucson metropolitan area that their addresses have been chosen for a housing survey.

The American Housing Survey will provide information on the quality and availability of homes and the people who live in them, the Census Bureau says.

The letters sent to a selection of Tucson households ask people to cooperate with field representatives who may contact them by telephone or in person, officials said.

Questions will include the number of rooms in a house, the type of cooling and heating equipment and the cost of the house. Data collected from the survey will help evaluate the effects of proposals on tax reform and assistance programs.

Census officials say they scientifically selected samplings of addresses, not people, throughout the country for the survey.

“The results from this survey are of great impact to the local community, as well as measuring housing across America,” said Cathy L. Lacy, the Census Bureau's Denver regional director.