Arizona elected officials who express interest in running for another office will have more time before they must resign their current positions under a new state law.

Gov. Jan Brewer signed the bill, HB 2157, on Tuesday along with 10 other bills. She vetoed three, including one that would have required governments to prominently feature budget totals online.

Current law requires most officials to resign their seats once they make formal announcement that they're running or when they file official candidacy paperwork with the secretary of state. Under the new law, officials can announce for a new office but will not have to resign until they file paperwork.

Among other bills Brewer signed into law was SB 1107, strengthening law enforcement efforts at detecting scrap metal theft, and SB 1343, designating a special license plate that would raise money for girls' youth organizations. It is the 54th special license plate allowed under state law.

Brewer vetoed the governmental budget bill, she said, because it duplicates budget publishing requirements. She also vetoed a bill that would eliminate jail time for people convicted of improperly using legal fireworks.