By Elizabeth Burden, AZ Illustrated Arts Host

The recently published book Troubling the Line: Trans and Genderqueer Poetry and Poetics is the first major anthology by transgender authors.

Author Joy Ladin suggested bringing together in real life the authors who were together in print, and the idea for a symposium was born, organizer T.C. Tolbert says.

The Trans and Genderqueer Poetry Symposium, running May 9-12, 2013,\ at Casa Libre in Tucson, will feature readings, performances, lectures, workshops and presentations by nationally acclaimed and local transgender and "genderqueer" poets and artists.

Visiting poets and instructors will include locally and nationally recognized authors and artists ranging from emerging to established, from experimental to performance-based. All are experienced educators who identify as transgender and/or "genderqueer."

Tolbert says Tucson has a large and vibrant transgender and "genderqueer" community that often exists in the margins.

“This symposium, and the events leading up to it, will encourage dialogue and build bridges between several Tucson communities, including transgender and 'genderqueer' youth and adults, trans and 'genderqueer' poets and 'cisgender' poets, and trans and 'genderqueer' people and their allies,” says Tolbert.