Reports of bee attacks and swarm sighting typically increase during the spring season.

Thursday morning saw reports of two people hospitalized in northwest Tucson and one in Phoenix for bee stings.

Barrett Baker with the Tucson Fire Department said that blooming vegetation leads to a burst of bee activity that can make it seem like bee attacks are abnormally high.

“I don’t think I’d gotten a bee swarm call besides maybe once a month, and then in one particular day we had six calls,” Baker said. "I’m not sure if it’s above average, but because of the fact that 10 months of the year we wouldn’t be seeing this sort of thing.”

Fire Department officials remind people that the best way to avoid attacks is to leave bees alone. Bees only attack if they feel threatened.

If a swarm does attack, the best action is to run for shelter and protect your head.

And it is important to not jump into a swimming pool or other body of water. Baker said bees will wait above the water’s surface.