Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Arts for Thursday, May 2:

SCULPTING MUSIC might be one way of saying what Andy Thurlow does. Thurlow is indeed a sculptor, and he's a musician with a long career in a variety of touring bands. He's now found a way to combine his musical interests with metal work, and a sculptural vision that conjures up visions of a post-industrial tribal society. Luis CarriĆ³n shows how Thurlow crafts instruments out of metal and fire.

RICHARD III comes to life at Tucson's Rogue Theater. In this studio interview, Elizabeth Burden visits with two of the play's actors, Joseph McGrath and Cynthia Jeffery.

ARTWORKS is a grassroots program that provides all-day art classes for adults with developmental disabilities. It is celebrating 23 years of using art to bridge the communication gap. Producer Mark McLemore spent a day with the artists and teachers.

CASA LIBRE'S TRANS AND GENDERQUEER Poetry Symposium is a 4-day event that will shine light on this community and its diverse work. Elizabeth Burden speaks with Casa Libre Assistant Director T.C. Tolbert and poet Ian Ellasante.