Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer signed a bill Thursday allowing Arizonans to become foster parents even if their own children haven't been immunized.

Brewer also signed legislation that eases the reporting requirements on schools for child injuries.

The foster-child law does not affect the state's requirement for immunizations for foster children.

In signing the bill, Brewer said she directed the state Department of Economic Security to develop a policy restricting the placement of young children and infants in homes where foster parents have not immunized their own children. She says the state must ensure foster children remain healthy and safe.

The school and child injuries says schools no longer have to report incidents involving playground injuries and elementary school students if the child's legal guardian is informed of the incident and the school maintains a written record. The measure also allows a school to expunge some reports from a student's permanent file.

The bill was designed to limit unnecessary reporting to law enforcement or Child Protective Services.

Brewer vetoed two bills Thursday:

  • A measure that sought to make gold and silver legal currency. The governor said in her veto letter that the bill could result in lost revenue for the state. The state Department of Revenue opposed the measure.

  • A bill requiring ballots for municipal and county bond elections to contain details of the debt and how they'll increase property taxes. The proposal also would have required similar disclosures for local sales tax increases.

Brewer said ballots are designed for voters to mark their choices for a candidate or measure and not be informed about the details. She said that information belongs on publicity pamphlets mailed to voters and available at the polls.