Play the video above to see host Jim Nintzel and his guests -- former Tucson City Council member Carol West, former state legislator Frank Antenori and former Pima County Democratic Party chairman Jeff Rogers -- discuss these issues:

SEN. JEFF FLAKE'S APPROVAL NUMBERS: Antenori said Flake would bounce back from the 33 percent low point, but that the disapproval was driven by people on the left who were upset by his vote against expanded background checks and people on the right upset about his support for comprehensive immigration reform. Rogers said that Flake might have a hard time recovering, while West said that voters had a short memory and Flake would not face them until 2018.

IMMIGRATION REFORM: Antenori said the plan proposed by the Gang of Eight was too soft on enforcement, while Rogers said that as a compromise, there was something in it that everyone would dislike. West said it would not be easy to get the proposal through Congress.

BREWER'S MEDICAID REFORM: Antenori and Rogers were skeptical that Gov. Jan Brewer will be able to persuade Republicans to get the Medicaid expansion through the Legislature. West said she was sorry to see Brewer trying to insert language that would block any state funds from going to Planned Parenthood to pay for services other than abortion.