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STUDENT HOUSING HIGH-RISES along the western edge of the University of Arizona campus are having an impact on the neighborhood, an area designated as historic, including homes dating back more than a century. Producer Andrea Kelly reports, and host Maria Parham interviews Chris Gans, president of the West University Neighborhood Association.

THE CLASS OF 2013 walks to "Pomp and Circumstance" this week at the UA, with a different approach. Ceremonies for undergraduates will be in Arizona Stadium Friday evening rather than the McKale Center on Saturday, allowing accommodations for tens of thousands more attendees. Fernanda Echavarri reports.

EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP is a challenge under any circumstances. Two of Tucson's biggest educational institutions - Tucson Unified School District and Pima Community College - are seeking new leaders. To explore how such searches should go, producer Andrea Kelly speaks with organizational leadership specialist Art Padilla, a professor in the UA Department of Management and Organizations.