A mountain climber who has been missing since the weekend may have been killed by a bee swarm.

The body of Steven Johnson, 55, of Tucson, was found hanging from a cliff on Mount Hopkins in the Santa Rita Mountains still in his climbing gear and covered in bee stings.

His dog was at the top of the cliff, and is also believed to have been killed by bee stings.

Johnson was reported missing when he failed to show up at work on Monday.

It is believed that he was tracing out a new climbing route when attacked.

The Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Office said its working theory is that the bees were disturbed by Johnson hammering a spike into the cliff.

“He was about 70 feet off the ground and about 80 feet from the top,” said Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada. "He didn't have anywhere to go, so unfortunately that's where we found him."

An autopsy will be performed.