Tucson scientist and filmmaker Tom Wiewandt will debut a documentary that focuses on the seasonal changes of the Sonoran Desert and the unique ecosystem it encompasses.

The documentary, “Desert Dreams: Celebrating Five Seasons in the Sonoran Desert", reviews spring, dry summer, wet summer, autumn and winter.

Film editor John Hadwin says that Wiewandt wanted to allow the Sonoran Desert to tell its own story. The film is comprised of images and music, with no narration.

Hadwin says the film reached back to 30 years of archives from Wiewandt, a filmmaker, photographer, author and scientist.

“You don’t expect to see as much life as we’re finding here,” Hadwin says. for example, 182 species of plants and animals are featured in the film, accompanied by 29 musical instruments played by Gary Stroutsos.

“Tohono Chul is the lead presenter of this film premier,” says Marcia Ring, director of marketing and communications at the Tohono Chul Park. The park's mission is to promote the nature, art and culture of the Sonoran Desert, and Ring says the film does all of that.

“Desert Dreams” premiers May 19 at the Fox Tucson Theater. The event will begin with live animal presentations at 1 p.m., and the film will debut at 3 p.m.