Michael Cajero is a prolific artist whose preferred medium is papier-mache, with which he wraps skeletons of aluminum wire to create dark, evocative figures.

“I like black because it stands out against the white background,” says Cajero.

Cajero’s works, when viewed in installations, look like three-dimensional sketches. They inhabit the spaces within the museum like illustrations in life-size pop-up book.

He says his figures represent aspects of the human condition.

“What comes first is the image, and the form,” says Cajero. “I work with ‘the form’ and I keep it paramount.”

Cajero’s figures are large, and he says he was running out of room in his studio before he moved his work into the Process Museum.

“This is the first time in my life I’ve been able to work with space,” he says. “That’s what I do: I draw in space.”