More than 700,000 Arizonans are expected to travel during the next three days, which is 0.4 percent less than last Memorial Day weekend, says AAA Arizona.

More will drive, fewer will fly. Prices have everything to do with it. Increases in airfares and decreases in gasoline prices are the key drivers, said Valerie Vineyard, AAA Arizona spokeswoman.

"About 57,000 Arizonans are planning to fly this Memorial Day," she said. "That's down 6.7 percent over last year."

Those who are taking to the roads for their weekend travel should follow basic travel safety tips, Vineyard said. That includes checking tire pressure, including for the spare tire. Checking oil levels and battery strength can help prevent a breakdown, Vineyard said.

AAA Arizona expects to provide roadside assistance to about 6,000 motorists during this holiday weekend.