Play the video above to see the encore presentation of AZ Illustrated Science for Tuesday, May 28. Click the links below to see the individual segments.

Uncovering Genomics Mysteries. Genomics research is revolutionizing science and leading researchers to rethink what they know about life. Producer Georgia Davis reports.

Garden-Based Therapy Takes Root in Tucson. Horticultural researchers are finding more and more evidence that digging in the dirt can help heal the brain as well as the body. Gisela Telis visits Thornydale Ranch to see how one local mental health and substance abuse treatment facility is putting garden-based therapy into practice - and reaping unexpected rewards.

Mental Health Treatment Stymied by Stigma. New discoveries are changing how people think about mental illness. But there's a lot people still don't know, and a lot of fear and stigma that continue to surround the issue. The Southern Arizona chapter of the National Alliance on Mental Illness works to educate the public and dispel the myths around mental illness. Here to talk about this work are Clarke Romans, executive director of NAMI Southern Arizona, and Rebecca Garfunkel, the organization's communications and events director.

Study Reveals How Mushrooms Help Environment. A University of Arizona researcher relates how fungi such as mushrooms help process, preserve and break down food.