Tucson International Airport saw 100-degree heat for the first time this year on Saturday at 12:22 p.m.

The day topped out at 105, tying a record. Sunday's high temperature also was 105 degrees.

“Not only did we have our first 100, but our first 105," said National Weather Service Meteorologist Jim Myer. "That ties for the hottest first 100-degree day on record in Tucson.”

It’s part of an upcoming heat wave that will keep afternoon temperatures in triple digits for the foreseeable future.

“We’ll probably see 100-degree days most if not all of the week, but not quite the 105-106 range," Myer said.

June 1 is the latest Tucson has hit 100 since 2004 and only the third time since the 1990s that the first triple-digit day didn’t occur in April or May.

Last year, the first 100 degree day came on April 22.

The average first day that the area hits 100 since 2000 is May 16.