Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science for Tuesday, June 4:

FAITH AND MENTAL HEALTH: Studies show that people experiencing a mental health issue are more likely to turn to their clergy than a doctor. Now Tucson's clergy are working to learn more about mental illness, and developing new ways to respond. Gisela Telis has the story.

SPIRITUALITY AND WELLNESS: The latest research on the link between spirituality and wellness is revealing a complex picture, one that challenges the beliefs of many psychiatrists and physicians. Here to explain it is Dr. Lynn Klimo, a University of Arizona assistant professor of psychiatry.

CORD BLOOD: The science of cord blood is changing rapidly, as researchers study new ways to use stem cells taken from umbilical cord blood to treat what are untreatable conditions. While some caution that paying to bank cord blood is an unnecessary expense - because the science is still too new - others say scientists will find innovative and important uses for cord blood, making it logical to save it now. Georgia Davis reports, and Jane Poynter follows up with an interview.