The publishers of a new magazine titled Edible Baja Arizona hope to tap into the growing interest in the local food movement. The free magazine is part of the national network of Edible publications that’s looking to connect consumers with family farmers, growers, chefs, and food artisans of all kinds.

Doug Biggers, editor and publisher of Edible Baja Arizona, says people are hungry for information on how to reconnect with food. “It’s really a magazine of how food and culture intersect,” says Biggers. “Food is the connecting element that enriches our lives in ways we don’t always stop and think about.”

Author and University of Arizona Southwest Center professor Gary Nabhan has written for several Edible magazines, and he has an article in the premiere issue of Edible Baja Arizona. He says each magazine in the Edible network has a different emphasis, and focuses on unique features of a particular region –Edible Baja Arizona is no exception.

“This is the first one that bridges three nations (including the Native American communities in our midst) and welcome news from all of those,” says Nabhan. “It’s also the first magazine in the Edible network in a real desert that shows that food-security is ultimately dependent on how we use water.”