Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Metro for Monday, June 10:

THE TOURISM ECONOMY: It's of prime importance to Southern Arizona, with an economic impact estimated at more than $2 billion in Pima County alone. Producer Michael Chihak reports on the benefits of tourism to the area and how governmental entities promote it.

TOURISM OUTLIER: That's the town of Marana, in more ways than one. Its locale on the northern edge of Pima County makes it closer than the heart of Tucson for visitors from the North, and it has a go-it-alone approach when it comes to regional tourism promotion. Producer Christopher Conover talks with Marana Mayor Ed Honea.

TOURISM WITH MEXICO: It seems a no-brainer, given the border's proximity to Tucson. It's all that and more. Mexico’s new president recently signed a major reform plan that the Mexican government says will bring more opportunities fot American companies to do business south of the border. Fernanda Echavarri reports.

SEQUESTRATION? WHAT SEQUESTRATION? The chief economist for Northern Trust Co. says housing growth and other businesses are moving forward, seemingly unfazed by federal budget cuts. Michael Chihak reports.

JAN. 8 MEMORIAL: Work is under way to establish a permanent memorial to the six people who were killed Jan. 8, 2011 when a gunman opened fire at a congressional constituents' event on Tucson's north side. Maria Parham interviews two activists in the movement.