Play the video above to see these stories on AZ Illustrated Science for Tuesday, June 11:

MENTAL HEALTH, PHYSICAL HEALTH: In any given year, about one in four Americans will suffer from a diagnosable mental illness. For many, the impact of mental illness will reach well beyond the mind. Researchers are discovering connections between mental and physical health that could hold the key to better care--and help us all live longer, healthier lives. Gisela Telis has more.

CHILDHOOD TRAUMA: What happens in childhood can take a toll on health throughout our lives. Now scientists are finding ways to measure this lifelong effect, in hopes of developing new ways to heal. Here to discuss this work is Dr. Charles Raison, a University of Arizona associate professor of psychiatry.

PLACES TO HEAL: Esther Sternberg says healing places - literally, places on Earth - can help people make the connection between mind and body and bring about healing. Sternberg is director of research at the University of Arizona's Center for Integrative Medicine, and she spoke with host Jane Poynter.

HEALTH CARE FRAUD: A problem growing as fast as health care itself is health care fraud, costing the country $80 billion, the FBI reports. Georgia Davis reports that one type of fraud, medical identity theft, is on the rise.