A racially diverse student body is important to college applicants, say the results of a national survey of high school students.

Kaplan Test Prep conducted the survey of nearly 700 students in May and the first week of June.

Sixty percent of those responding said it is “very important” or “somewhat important” for the college they attend to have a racially diverse student body.

“The other thing that was interesting in the data is that only 13 percent of the students said that racial diversity was not at all important in applying,” said Seppy Basili, vice president of college admissions and K-12 programs. “It’s a significant number, and it reflects what this generation of student has on their minds.”

Basili, referring to an expected U.S. Supreme Court ruling this month on a college affirmative-action case in Texas, said regardless of what the court decides, most schools are committed to the cultivation of diverse student bodies.

“And I think we’ll continue to see that because I think racial diversity is clearly a value that schools have identified for themselves,” Basili said.