Play the video above to see the discussion hosted by Jim Nintzel and featuring former Pima County Democratic Party chairman Jeff Rogers, Republican strategist Sam Stone and former independent City Councilwoman Carol West.

MEDICAID EXPANSION: Stone said Gov. Jan Brewer's decision to call a special session to push through Medicaid and the state budget this week was bare-knuckled politics that could cause some blowback for Republicans who supported her efforts, while Rogers praised Brewer for her political acumen. West said the Medicaid expansion was the right step to take for the state.

IMMIGRATION REFORM: The panelists discussed the challenges that lie ahead for the Gang of Eight's immigration reform plan as it moves through debate on the Senate floor, but all of them were hopeful that the Senate would pass the legislation with few changes.

TRENT FRANKS' ABORTION LEGISLATION: All three panelists agreed that Trent Franks' comments on abortion and rape victims were insensitive.

TROUBLESOME TWEETS: The panelists agreed that recent tweets and other online activity by a teenage son of U.S. Sen. Jeff Flake were offensive, racist and anti-gay.